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I’ve had a great love for reading books and writing stories for as long as I can remember. This, combined with a love of history, led me, I presume, to become a military history author. It’s said that everyone has a book inside them. Well I had two, each in its own way a labour of love. I’ve also written for a number of magazines, journals and websites. That’s been my passion for thirty years.
But, towards the end of 2011 whilst I was working for Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service as its Lead for Children & Young People, life threw me a curve ball marked Scriptwriting & Producing. On the last day of snow and ice we wrapped on Ice Breaker and I was sold on writing and producing. I went on to write and produce one further short for the service before I moved on to pastures new.

Since then, I’ve continued to write and produce and you’ll find details on all my projects on my website.