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Welcome to my profile. My name is Kirby Spencer, and I am a composer for visual media based in Leicestershire, UK. The vast majority of my work has been directed towards small advertisements and short films, with any side work contributing to my love of art music and music for the concert hall. Currently I am an affiliated composer for the publishing comapny, Velvet Green Music, who specialise in publishing music cues for use on US television. Some of our clients include; NBC, Fox Sports and Universal Studios. While I procure work through this company, it does not offer me the chance to score full films or shorts – only individual cues written to a very specific brief. I would like to do more work here in the midlands on film shorts as I am supremely interested in long forms of composition that can help enhance a story that is told over tens of minuites as opposed to a cue written for 3 mins max.

I have studied music since I attended secondary school, taking my studies to A-level at the end of college where I achieved an A grade. At university I studied music in my spare time and have continued do so since I left, taking various online classes and private tutorships in order to learn the inital stages of my craft. In all my experience in composition, playing, reading and writing music now totals over a decade. Alongside my work with Velvet Green, I am passionate about live and art music within the concert hall environment. I am currently the stage manager and concert manager for the Leicester Symphony Orchestra (LSO) and I regularly attend rehearsals and help organise concerts at DeMontfort Hall and elsewhere.

As you can probably imagine, my main compositional style lies predominatly in the Orchestral theatre – but taking into account the constantly shifting trends and styles of the industry, I am more than comfortable and capable in modern areas of composition taking into account synthesisers, world instruments and sound design. I often employ these elements alongside core Orchestral techniques and styles in order to bring a fresh and unique flavour to each project.

As mentioned above, I am currently looking for more projects to work on within the midlands, and I would love to hear from anyone who might like to have me collaborate with them on their project. I am also open to chats about film music and composition, and I am more than willing to provide my opinions and advice for almost any project. Please don’t be afraid to get in touch. Feel free to browse the links below that should take you to some examples of my work, happy listening, and I hope to hear from you soon. 🙂

– Kirby.


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My professional training has largely been centred around learning on the job. However I have taken classes that have been hosted by industry professionals such as Mike Verta, Thomas Goss, Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman and Alan Melkin. In total my experience in music sums to over a decade of composition and live playing experience.

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As it stands, I have only one industry review – for a film called ‘Thursday’. Unfortunately Modlands Movies has just changed their website and I cannot upload the review here, but to sum up – a tad emotional, and fresh to see an orchestral score upon a short film.


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