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The name of the Organisation shall be Leicester Filmmakers Hub.


The aims of this Organisation shall be:

To sustain and enrich the local East Midlands filmmaking community by offering a focal point for production, exhibition, and networking.

To grow and develop the professional expertise of East Midlands filmmakers through educational opportunities and workplace experience.

To strengthen networking, production, and exhibition opportunities between neighbouring East Midlands arts-based communities.

To provide avenues for professional career development in the areas of film production and the creative arts.

To encourage and nurture a professional approach to film production at all levels while discouraging unethical practices.

To work with educational bodies, private companies and local and national authorities to build a film production infrastructure across the East Midlands.


To further these aims the committee shall have power to:

(a) Obtain, collect and receive money or funds by way of contributions, donations, grants and any other lawful method towards the aims of the Organisation.

(b) Work with local authorities, voluntary organisations and the residents of the East Midlands in a common effort to carry out the aims of the Organisation.

(c) Do all such lawful things as will further the aims of the Organisation.


(a) Membership is open to all persons aged 18 years or over and any “member organisation” who has completed the membership form within the Organisation’s financial year.

(b) Attendance at events or other Organisation activities can only be attended by the individual, or one representative from a “member organisation”, named on the membership application.

(c) Each individual member and each “member organisation” shall have one vote at General Meetings provided the requisite fee or subscription has been paid and their membership has not been terminated.

(d) The Management Committee shall have the power to approve or reject applications for membership or to terminate the membership of any member provided that the member shall have the right to be heard by the committee before a final decision is made.

(e) All members are expected to abide by a code of conduct that prohibits unacceptable behaviour such as (but not limited to the harassment or mistreatment of members, the Management Committee, or invited guests. If they fail to do so then their membership may be terminated and other appropriate actions taken.

(f) Membership of the Organisation implies the undertaking to abide by the Organisation’s constitution.

(g) The Organisation shall not be held responsible for any individual members infringement of copyright laws.

(h) All legal responsibility for productions undertaken as a consequence of membership of the Organisation (e.g. attendance of workshops, seminars, etc) resides with the individual member.

(I) All material produced in a group project by members of the Organisation may be used to publicise the Organisation in a commercial and / or non-commercial context provided that the legal owner of said materials has given written consent to the Organisation. This extends to possible editing of the source material.


(a) A Management Committee elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall manage the Organisation.

(b) The committee shall consist of a Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to six other voting members.

(c) The committee may co-opt up to a further four voting members who shall resign at the next Annual General Meeting.

(d) The committee shall meet at least four times each year.

(e) At least three committee members must be present at a committee meeting to be able to make decisions.

(f) Voting at Management Committee meetings shall be by show of hands. If there is a tied vote then the Chairperson shall have a second vote.

(g) The Management Committee may by a two-thirds majority vote (subject exempt) and for a good and proper reason remove any Committee member, provided that person has the right to be heard before a final decision is made.

General Meetings

(a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held within twelve months of the date of the adoption of this constitution and each year thereafter.

(b) Notices of the AGM shall be published at least three weeks beforehand and a report on the Organisation’s financial position for the previous year will be made available at the same time.

(c) A Special General Meeting may be called at any time at the request of either the committee, or not less than one quarter of the membership. A notice explaining the place, date, time and reason for the meeting shall be sent to all members three weeks beforehand.

(d) One third of membership or four members being present, whichever is the greater, shall enable a General Meeting to take place.

(e) Proposals to change the constitution must be given in writing to the Secretary at least 28 days before a general meeting and approved by a two thirds majority of those present and voting.


(a) The funds of the Organisation including all donations, contributions, membership fees, and bequests, shall be paid into an account operated by the Management Committee.

(b) All bank accounts opened for the Organisation shall be in the name of the Organisation.

(c) All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by at least two members of the Management Committee.

(d) The funds belonging to the Organisation shall be applied only to further the aims of the Organisation.

(e) A current record of all income, funding and expenditure will be kept.

(f) Equipment purchased by the Organisation shall be entered onto an asset register and will remain the property of the Organisation.


(a) The Organisation may be dissolved by a resolution passed by a simple two-thirds majority of those present and voting at a Special General Meeting.

(b) If confirmed, the committee shall distribute any assets remaining after the payment of all bills to other charitable group(s) or organisation(s) having aims similar to the Organisation or some other charitable purpose(s) as the Organisation may decide.